Joey Molland: Liverpool to Memphis

Joey Molland

Joey Molland: Liverpool To Memphis chronicles the remarkable life and career of Badfinger’s sole surviving original member, Joey Molland.

As a teen, Joey left his hometown of Liverpool for a successful stint with the internationally-acclaimed Gary Walker and the Rain, then joined the Iveys – Pete Ham, Tommy Evans and Mike Gibbins – on the very day in July 1969 that they changed their name to Badfinger.

It would be Paul McCartney who gave the group its first break, writing ‘Come and Get It’ and asking them to record it for the soundtrack of the film The Magic Christian. It went on to become a top-fifteen single worldwide, as did the group’s next three releases: ‘No Matter What, ‘Day After Day’ and ‘Baby Blue’ – all released on The Beatles’ Apple Records.

Despite Harry Nilsson reaching Number One in the US in 1971 with Badfinger’s ‘Without You’, litigation brought the band to a virtual standstill by 1974, contributing to the tragic suicides of Peter Ham in 1975 and Tommy Evans in 1983. Joey worked sporadically with Mike Gibbins until his passing in 2005.

Molland continues to tour and record, and 2014 sees the release of the new CD ‘Return To Memphis’ on Gonzo Records, with ten new songs recorded in Memphis, the birthplace of the music that originally inspired him.

In late 2013, Badfinger’s 1971 recording of ‘Baby Blue’ was used during the pivotal last scene of the season finale of the AMC hit series Breaking Bad, renewing worldwide interest in the band and leading to a dramatic rise in streams and sales of the band’s catalog.

Joey Molland: Liverpool To Memphis is directed, edited and produced by John Andersonand includes appearances by Billy J. Kramer, Freda Kelly and Mark Hudson. Executive Producer is Kevin Allodi, CEO and Co-Founder of Philo Broadcasting, Inc.

Breaking Bad Good for Badfinger's Baby Blue
Joey Molland: Liverpool to Memphis is expected to be released in 2014

Since Badfinger’s 1972 classic ‘Baby Blue’ was used in the final scene of the series finale of AMC’s ‘Breaking Bad’ on September 29, global streams of the song are up 9,000%, and record sales for the band have more than sextupled. Philo Broadcasting and John Anderson’s documentary feature on the life and career of Badfinger’s sole surviving member JOEY MOLLAND: LIVERPOOL TO MEMPHIS is expected to be released early 2014. Here are two clips from the film:

From Liverpool to 'Come and Get It' (4:44)

Joey Molland on growing up in Liverpool and the day Badfinger was born

Live: 'Vampire Wedding' and 'No More' (10:00)

Joey Molland At the Hotel Sax in Chicago 2011

2013 CIMMFEST Kickoff Event

A rough cut of JOEY MOLLAND: LIVERPOOL TO MEMPHIS was shown in April at the 2013 Chicago International Music and Movies Festival, followed by a conversation with Joey Molland, John Anderson and Executive Producer Kevin Allodi. John also moderated the festival’s kickoff event, ‘A Night With Van Dyke Parks and Richard Parks’, and participated in the Festival event ‘The Films of John Anderson’, moderated by Frank Haney.

Born in Chicago at SXSW2013 CIMMFest
(L-R: Richard Parks, John Anderson, Van Dyke Parks)
Born in Chicago at SXSWThe Films of John Anderson 2013 CIMMFest
(L-R: John Anderson, Frank Haney)