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Sam Lay In Bluesland
Starring Sam Lay, James Cotton and Iggy Pop

Premiere Announcement Coming Soon!

Watch this space for a very special announcement about Sam Lay In Bluesland, the new documentary feature film about the life and career of legendary Chicago blues drummer Sam Lay. Featuring appearances by James Cotton, Iggy Pop, Charlie Musselwhite, Nick Gravenites, Elvin Bishop, Barry Goldberg, Corky Siegel, Jim Schwall, Kenny Wayne Shepherd and others.

The film is directed by John Anderson, produced by Starr Sutherland, executive produced by Michael Prussian for VT Productions and co-produced by Barry Goldberg.

To see the TRAILER and exclusive clips from each of the stars, go to the Sam Lay In Bluesland Website.


STEVE GOODMAN Live Recording
Don't Blame Me Recorded by John Anderson
Available on mp3 and LP on Red Pajamas Records

In 1973 I was a college student in Chicago doing a weekly radio show that featured performances I recorded at various folk and blues clubs. When I saw that Steve Goodman was going to be at The Earl of Old Town at the end of March, I called the club. The owner Earl Pionke answered, and when I asked him if I could record Steve, he said I should ask him myself, gave me Steve's phone number and hung up. I dialed the number and Steve answered. He said I was wasting my life, that I should be out having fun and chasing girls, but it was OK if I brought my tape recorder on Sunday night, the final night of a weeklong engagement.

The place was packed. After a few acoustic numbers, Steve put on an electric guitar and, unannounced, brought his band onstage to close out the week with a rocking, impromptu set. It was a performance that no one there will ever forget. All I could do was watch the VU meters and hope.

The recording has now been released by Steve's record company as Don't Blame Me, available on mp3 and as a deluxe 180-gram vinyl pressing.

Don’t Blame Me
Produced by John Anderson and Steve Goodman
Recorded and Mixed by John Anderson
Special Thanks to Al Bunetta and Jon Nowak
Available here on Amazon




announce the 2015 release of the virtual box set DON’T MOCK THE ROCK a collection of over 200 previously unreleased audio and video performances spanning the band’s first 37 years.

In what can only be compared to Bob Dylan’s ‘Bootleg Series’ and Neil Young’s 'Archives', DON'T MOCK THE ROCK assembles for the first time the complete works of the group that has been called everything from "rock's greatest satirists" to "the most unsuccessful band of all time."


Hey Hey Hey We’re The Cleaning Ladys, Jimmy Take Your Pills, Adelphia, Intellectuals, The World Every 22 Seconds, Suburb Rock, Would You Let Me In Your Country Club?, Party Through The Nuclear War, It Was Just My Lot In Life To Have Been Born A Heterosexual, Long Dong Silver, Here Comes Mom, The Man Who Can Cry, Queen of the Drum Machine, When The Cubs Win The World Series, Father Dick, Cartoons, Whipped Cream Bikini, Rock and Roll President, Let’s Bring Back The Turtles, He’s A Hero, Club Our House, Minimal Girlfriend, Up For You, The Music Business, Hello Up There (This Is Your Penis), Young and Dumb, The Rest Stop Halfway To Heaven, Walking Time Bomb, Get To The Point, No Time For Love, Beer For Breakfast, Doin’ My Job, The Office Sexpot, Tick Tock, Working Class Hero, We Love You Pee Wee, It Hurts To Smile, The Black Seas of Alaska, Celebrities (They Think They’re Great), Needle Drop (Rock Radio For Your Funny Bone), Assembly Line, How Can You Leave Me Tonight?, Guardian Angel, Infatuation, Lisa, Paraquat, All You New York City Women Are The Same, June, Ha Ha You’re A Test Tube Baby, I’m Number One, Nuclear Disaster, Love Me, Next In Line, Mad Scientist, Heart To Heart, What’s So Funny ‘Bout Elvis Costello?, They Couldn’t Destroy Our Love, Racists Against Rock, The Razor’s Edge of Love, Kid Gloves, Girls, When You Talk My Hand’s Inside of Your Face, (I Got Your Number From A) Toilet Wall, When I Kiss You, I’m Telling You Now, Big-Muscled Husbands, Intellectuals, 43,800 Hours, Creatures From Outer Space, Billy’s Got A New Girlfriend, Drive Drive Drive, Stay Away Come Closer, Distraction, We’re Not Afraid, Runaway Train, She Won’t French Kiss, Trash TV, Are You A Man or a Mouse?, Cover Up, Real Man, Dirty Girl, Party In Your PJs, Lovers’ Manifesto, Planes, Trains and Automobiles, Rock and Roll Band On Tour, Golf Club, New Is New, Where I Live, Love Statistic, I’m Happy, 1968, Steve Dahl and Garry Meier, Born-Again Rocker, We’re The NRA, Don’t Stop, Hail President Quayle, Back and Forth, Anything For A Buck, ‘Cause I’m A Blob, I Am Just A Regular Guy, The Man With The Little-Boy Smile, That Girl’s Insane, My Girl Loves Everything I Do, Midlife Crisis, High School, Dead People Can’t Sue, This Means War!, Parasite, The Worst Sex I Ever Had, Daughter, Don’t Be A Bimbo, What About Alfred?, Santa’s Drunk This Christmas, Suburban Sleaze, The Brand New Fabulous Four, The Punishment Fits The Crime, We’re The Bears, We’re Sponsored By Your Parents, Heart To Heart, Boy On The Rebound, I’m Always Chasin’ Girls, Give Up On My Girl, Stephanie, Consequences, The Honeymoon Express, Do You Know The Way To San Jose?, Up For You, Where I Live, I Always Pretend That It’s You, Honey/Honey Don’t, No Angel, Oh Mickey, Cleaning Ladys Reprise and many, many more.